Shapes in Stock:
Thickness: 2~160mm
Size: 1020x1220mm, 1220x2440mm or cut-to-size
Color: Black, grey and blue.
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What is Ricocel material?

Ricocel is an ideal material for solder pallets, wave solder pallets, SMT solder pallets, SMT solder fixtures, selective solder fixtures and other specialty soldering fixtures.

It is the anti-static black colored epoxy glass material which is very stable at high temperature of lead free solder and flux chemicals. It is mostly used as PCB carrier or solder pallet in wave soldering process.

Solder pallet is exposed repeatedly to high temperature for example, above 300ºC in soldering process. According to the various tests, this material shows excellent results in dimensional stability, water absorption and weight loss etc. Also the machining workability is superior when compared with other material on the market.



- Excellent chemical, resistance, High protection on chemical attack erosion

- Excellent mechanical strength for fine machining.

-Teflon-coating is not necessary to make up for durability or cleanability.

-Excellent Machining properties enabling the manufacture of complex design solder pallets and   fixtures

-Excellent durability against repetitive soldering of more than 20,000-time.

-Good resistance to chemicals used in modern fluxes

-Excellent chemical resistance to soluble flux or pallet cleaner.

-Conform to RoHS and Environmental Health Safety requirement


Shapes in Stock:

Thickness: 2~160mm
Size: 1020x1220mm, 1220x2440mm or cut to size

Black, grey and blue.


Processing Methods: 



The data sheet is available, you can download it from our site.



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▪ Electronic components automatic cartridge
▪ Solder paste screen printing
▪ SMT Surface Mount technology
▪ IR reflow curing
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