Injection moulding is the most economical way for large volume production.
If your product requires large volume production then the most economical ways is through Injection moulding. Upon receiving the 3D model of your final product design, ENERGETIC plastics can then arrange for the manufacture of the tooling. Please bear in mind that the tooling would always belongs to the client and only held with us until the customer request to have it returned. After that a tooling trial will then be undertaken and a few samples will be shipped to the client for checking and approval. After modification and checking if there is any, we then able to mass produce your products and then arrange delivery to you via sea or air as per your request.
There are four phases to the injection-molding process. First, the filling phase fills the closed mold with the polymer shot. Then, the packing phase holds pressure on the part to ensure that the part is filled and to prevent backflow of polymer. The cooling and plasticizing phase occurs after the cavity gate is frozen and allows the screw to recover while the part cools. Lastly, the ejection phase removes the solid part from the mold and the cycle repeats.
Injection moulding is the most important processing method for thermoplastics. It is based on the ability of thermoplastic materials to be softened by heat and to harden when cooled. The process thus consists essentially of softening the material in a heated cylinder and injecting it under pressure into the mould cavity, where it hardens by cooling. Each step is carried out in a separate zone of the same apparatus in the cyclic operation.