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Applied Automation to our Injection Moulding Machines

Injection Moulding Automation

By Kevin Chen - ENERGETIC Plastics

ENERGETIC Plastics has recently added robotics and automation (Alfa Robots) to our plastic injection moulding machines in our HENGSHUI facilities. This will not only help us to improve production efficiency, reduce cost and labor, but most importantly it will greatly benefit our customers through shorter lead times and better product quality and consistency.  


Automation Process


Benefits of Applying Automation

- Plastic pellets handling and feeding
- Part picking and handling automation
- Separating parts from runners, sprues and gates
- Drop cut-offs to granulator for recycling
- Part positioning, sorting or stacking, assembly and other secondary operations
- Enhanced and consistent part quality
- Reduced molding, labor and part costs
- Less part-to-part variations and waste
- Increased machine utilization and consistent cycle times for producing injection moulded parts more quickly and efficiently