Shapes in Stock:
Thickness: 2~30mm
Size: 1020x1220mm, 1220x2440mm or cut-to-size
Color: clear, transparent
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ESD Acrylic, PMMA, also known as Plexiglass,

Acrylic or PMMA is the most common plastic material used in our daily life. ESD acrylic sheets are surface coated with an extremely thin and highly abrasion resistant and electrical dissipative film which retains the high transparency and the physical and thermal properties. Pre-applied with protecting films on both sides can avoid damages during transportation and storage.


Perfect transparency and the light transmittance with 93%;
Excellent electrical insulation;
High plasticity, Processing and shaping easier;
Water-proof, anti-UV;
Strong surface hardness and good weather resisting property;  

Shapes in Stock:

Thickness: 2~30mm
Size: 1020x1220mm, 1000x2000mm, 1220x2440mm or cut to size


Clear and transparent

Processing Methods: 

  • Cut-to-Size - bars, strips, panels or special shapes
  • CNC Machining - as per drawings provided
  • Laser cutting - as per drawings provided
  • Engraving - as per drawings provided


Dust-free room and clean room spacer, observation window shield;
Fixture and clamp for electronic tests; 
Lamp box ,sign-board,indicator,showing shelf ;
Bathroom, artwork, cosmetics, bracket;
Daylight lamp, ceiling lamp, lampshade.