Case Category

Indoor Vertical Farming (PVC Profiles)

Application: Indoor Vertical Farming
Material: White PVC
Processing Method: Extrusion (custom-built toolings)
Industry: Agriculture/Horticulture
Country: Belgium; City: Brussels


PVC Profiles for Vertical Indoor Farming

ENERGETIC Plastics have been working with another energetic team in Brussels in an indoor farming project. The PVC profiles, extruded from custom-built moulds, are currently being used in their indoor vertical farm. We are so proud to be part of this exciting project since we believe these vertical indoor farming techniques are the future of humankind.

Rationales behind indoor farming

With the rapid growth in the global population as well as the need for food along with it, we need to make sure we can keep feeding the world in a sustainable way. That triggers our client in Brussels to innovate some sustainable and efficient indoor farming techniques to tackle these global challenges.
The temperature, humidity, CO2, and light in an indoor farm are fully controllable to supply just the need of the crops. In such way, the resource input can be minimized. To go even further, they use renewable energy, 100% rainwater, CO2 just from the air around us (not combustion), and efficient LED lights.

PVC profiles for vertical indoor farming

Growing layers constructed with PVC profiles are stacked on top of one another to greatly improve the production per area. This is especially helpful in an urban environment where space is always limited.
The benefits of using PVC profiles:

- Lightweight, compared with other materials like ceramic and metals
- Low cost and can be easily custom manufactured
- Durable
- Water suitability
- Recyclable

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