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Outrigger & Crane Pads (UHMWPE / HDPE)

Application: Outrigger & Crane Pads, Material: UHMWPE/HDPE, Processing Methods: CNC Machining, Industry: Mining, Country: Australia


Outrigger & Crane Pads (UHMWPE / HDPE)

ENERGETIC Plastics has been manufacturing and supplying the outrigger & crane pads for multiple Australian companies in Mining and Construction industries. These pads are used for effective supporting the outriggers of a variety of cranes, improving stability, solving load bearing and spreading issues on soft ground, and protecting the hard ground underneath. Fitted with handles and made from plastics, they are very easy to carry and maneuvered around the work site. 

How do Outrigger & Crane Pads work?

The pressure of the outrigger foots on the ground can be largely reduced by increasing the contact surface area. This can be easily achieved by using a large and tough surface of an outrigger pad. These pads can guarantee the stability of the cranes and so ensure the safety of the equipment and the people working onsite. Made from UHMWPE and HDPE, these pads are lightweight, tough, durable, water and oil resistant. They will not splinter, crack like conventional wood pads.

Advantages of UHMWPE and HDPE pads?

-       Lightweight but tough
-       High load bearing
-       Water resistant and chemical resistance
-       Easy cleaning with just water
-       Electrical insulating