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Coffee Harvest Parts (MC Nylon)

Application: Coffee Harvesting Machine
Material: Natural MC Nylon
Processing Method: CNC Machining
Industry: Agricultural
Country: Brazil

Coffee Harvester Parts


ENERGETIC Plastics have proudly been supplying engineering plastic components to our Brazilian coffee harvesting machine manufacturers for over a decade. Mechanical harvesting method is growing in prevalence in regions like Hawaii and Brazil where rural labor is scarce and wages are high.  


Mechanical Harvesters

The most efficient way to harvest coffee is with a mechanical harvester. Mechanical harvesters straddle the tree row [the tree goes inside them]; they have heavy counterweights on top of two columns, which are driven at variable speeds. As these weights spin they cause the columns to rotate. Attached to the columns are hundreds of picking rods, which vibrate and oscillate as the weights on top rotate. These machines, first introduced in the early 1970s, use vibrating and rotating plastic rods (mallets) to knock the coffee fruit off the tree into collection units. They can be calibrated to minimize the yield of unripes by adjusting rotation and vibration rates as well as the speed at which the mechanical harvester moves through the rows. Another common technique is to remove the bottom mallets at the beginning of the harvest since the coffee on the top of the tree normally ripens more quickly. Later, the lower mallets can be added to harvest fruit from the same plants, this time from the lower section of the plants.


Picking rod holders (MC Nylon)

By replacing conventional steel with our nylon material, these picking rod holders are much lighter, more durable and easier to fit the picking rods. Most importantly, by adjusting the diameter of the holders, picking rods can be longer and thus make the harvester even more selective in the ratio of ripe vs. unripe coffee harvested.  

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