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Marine Dock Fender & Boat Decking (UHMWPE)

Application: Marine Dock Fenders & Boat Decking, Material: UHMWPE, Processing Methods: CNC Machining, Industry: Marine, Country: Australia

Marine Dock Fenders & Boat Decking (UHMWPE)


Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) has become the preferred material for many marine applications. Over the past few years, ENERGETIC Plastics has developed and maintained healthy business relationships with some marine industry companies in Australia through supplying high-quality precision manufactured UHMWPE components. Following is just a few examples of we’ve done. Of course, there is no limit of what we can manufacture and supply. Simply shoot us an email or contact us via anyway you prefer!




  • Dock Fender Pads

  • Rubbing strips

  • Boat decking strips and pads

  • Trailer bunker rollers and wear strips

  • Fast-launch lifeboat slipways


There are many color options of UHMWPE material: natural white, yellow, white, blue, green, red, grey or orange. Fender pads tend to use highly visible color like yellow and blue which helps sailors to see even in poor weather. We can manufacture and supply UHMWPE in different thicknesses as per your project requirements.


Benefits of UHMWPE in marine applications


  • Excellent wear and scratch resistance

  • Great resistant to marine conditions UV and seawater)

  • Great Impact resistance and stiffness

  • Do not delaminate, chip, rot or swell

  • Easy to machine and custom manufacture


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