Due to their high wear, high impact and high temperature resistance properties, engineering plastics has become the preferred material in mining and bulk handling industry. Engineering plastic components that can withstand harsh conditions and continuous operations, offer superior performance over traditional materials such as brass, bronze and stainless steel. ENERGETIC PLASTICS products with non-stick and high abrasion resistance properties greatly improve the efficiency of the loading, transfer and transport of bulk materials in mining industry.


  • Low coefficient of friction, high wear and abrasion resistant

  • Chemical and corrosion-resistant

  • High mechanical strength and stability

  • High resistance to UV and can withstand from sub-zero to hot conditions in mines and quarries.

  • Lightweight, long service life and low costs

  • Greatly improve loading, transfer and transport efficiency in mining industry


Linings for mining vehicles and trucks Chute linings, bunker and silo linings
Conveyor belts, rollers and pulleys Bushes, bearings and wear pads


Plastics for Mining Industry


PEEK POM (Acetal)
PA6, PA66 (Nylon) PTFE

Case Studies:

- Outrigger & Crane Pads