Equipment and components that operates in marine environment must be able to withstand harsh environment. Engineering plastics are ideal material for marine and boating equipment. They have a high strength to weight ratio, are resistant to sea water corrosion and ultraviolet (UV) light, abrasive materials and petroleum products, and has little or no water absorption. Compared to conventional materials, components and structural parts made of engineering plastics exhibit continuous high performance in conditions that are not suitable for metals. ENERGETIC PLASTICS products with high strength and corrosion resistance properties, provide a perfect solution for many applications in marine and boating industries.



  • Low coefficient of friction, wear-resistant, and self-lubricating properties
  • Vibration and noise reduction properties
  • Corrosion resistant (sea water)
  • High resistance to UV
  • High mechanical strength and stability
  • Lightweight and low cost
  • Easy installation and low maintenance costs


Dock protection pads Slipway liner pads
Winch pulleys and rollers Rudder and stern tube bearings
Seals, tubing and bushes Boat windshields
Bumpers Wear pads and strips


Plastics for Marine Industry

PEEK POM (Acetal)
PA6, PA66 (Nylon) PTFE

Case Studies:

- Marine Dock Fenders & Boat Decking (UHMWPE)