Engineering Plastics in Agricultural Industry


The application of engineering plastics in agriculture and horticulture has increased considerably in recent years, not only as replacement for traditional materials but also as a means of effecting improvements. Engineering plastic products can withstand harsh climate and do not rot, rust or get infested by insects. Components made of our tough, strong, durable and lightweight materials have been widely used in many applications across the Agricultural industry. As a leading distributor of mechanical and engineered plastic materials for over 10 years, ENERGETIC PLASTICS offers a complete line of plastics materials for the agricultural industry.


  • Low coefficient of friction, wear-resistant, and self-lubricating properties
  • Chemical and corrosion-resistant
  • High mechanical strength and stability
  • Vibration dampening properties
  • Resistant to dust and dirt
  • Lightweight and low cost


  • Conveyor bushes, slides, rollers and wear pads
  • Machinery equipment parts (bushes, bearing, sliders and wear pads)
  • Materials handling equipment parts (bushes, bearing, sliders and wear pads)
  • Seeding equipment components
  • Irrigation equipment components
  • Farm gate rollers
  • Indoor Vertical Farming (PVC Profiles)

Plastics for Agricultural Industry

POM (Acetal) PA6, PA66 (Nylon) UHMWPE


Case Studies